My name is Simona, I’m a product designer, a painter, and an experienced coder.

I have worked for small, independent publishers, large, digital agencies, and premium, global clients like HSBC, Visa and Mastercard.

Who I am. I like imagining new possibilities and understanding people. I'm obsessed with discovery, and finding out about things that I don’t know, as well as expanding my knowledge of what I do.

What I do. I like to interpret a brief in the most creative way possible, and explore different ways to answer it. I’ve always found it immensely valuable to have the freedom to push boundaries. I always put people at the centre of what I do.

How my process works. Enable insights -> share thoughts -> facilitate design -> make it possible.

What I’m looking for. Companies that understand that design can deliver their goals. Companies that realise that design is not all about beauty. Companies that involve design directly in their business decision-making.

What I believe. That effective use of design in technology can solve real world problems. That technology can make a difference to people round the world, especially in developing countries.