I have 8 years of experience as a UX designer, interaction designer and researcher. I’m fluent in best practice for information architecture and interaction design, user-centered design, and have  an excellent  knowledge of user experience principles and techniques

1. November 2019-Present – Sr UX designer – Amazon CloudWatch

In my current role  at Amazon, I have worked across 3 different teams on countless projects. As a Senior UX designer, I am responsible for delivering strategy and product design that has had a real effect on our metrics, solving problems of massive scale.

I run lots of creative working sessions, research studies and build prototypes to improve one of the largest data stores on the planet. AWS Services are used by leading businesses like Netflix, Twitch, LinkedIn, Facebook, WarnerMedia, BBC, Baidu, ESPN, Adobe, Twitter and many more.

Millions of people around the world use CloudWatch to gain insights on their customer experience and application performance. My goal is to make monitoring and troubleshooting easier for our customers by providing actionable insights, data visualization and anomaly detection.

Peer and Manager quotes

“Simona is always willing to improve CloudWatch to satisfy customers. She dives deep to understand customers’ behaviors and provides insightful research reports to backup her decisions. I was very impressed by her alarms research and metrics rework. I like her curious mind and, for example, all the inspiring stuff she shared with us about data visualization.”

— Engineering manager

“Simona is a real voice of the customer. Her decisions are based on research insights, data and customer feedback. She is always driving the teams to deliver high quality results, while both managing the projects and staying connected to details”

— Sr. Product Manager,

“Simona is a true advocate for Customer Obsession, putting the needs of the customer first with excellent communication to develop her point. This can be often difficult with the level of complexity with certain products, which she takes in her stride. She is always open to feedback and I’m  excited to see her impact/contribution to the entire Console going forward”

— UX Manager

2. April 2016-2019 – Sr UX designer – HSBC, Mastercard, Visa

Ten Group is an international concierge company that provides premium experiences for account holders at the world’s biggest financial services providers. It operates in 20 different cities around the world via financial institutions, selling exclusive holidays, and unique cultural and gastronomic experiences to millions of account holders from HSBC, Visa, Mastercard, Barclays, Royal Bank Canada, Scotia Bank, and Coutts, among others.

I worked in a small creative team, on a  huge business transformation project aimed at replacing Ten Group’s mobile platform, creating a new white label platform, building a CMS for their Concierge Magazine, and improving their Inventory Ticketing System.

In this time I was able to use and develop all of my skills in research, design, and development in a varied atmosphere.

3. April 2012-2016 – UX designer – Tapestry Production Agency  

Tapestry is a full service production company specialising in digital products. I held several roles during my four years with the company. I led strategic thinking to ensure that simple and intuitive user experiences were designed and adhered to. I defined standards of usability and accessibility, empowering excellent, high-quality visual designs and front-end development.

I also engaged with product managers, design and development leads, solving user and business goals and using the principles of user-centred design. Here I worked for multiple bespoke websites and strengthen my skills as a developer.

4. November 2010-2012 – Digital designer – Kandalu.Ltd Mac Software 

My career started at Kandulu LTD where I worked as freelance digital designer for IOS Apps. Here I got introduced to a digital creative concepts, interactive media platforms, branding and presentation skills.

Before that I was also an established graphic designer working in publishing, logotypes and brand guidelines. This helped me  develop my UI skills and creativity.


Education and qualifications:

- Comix Web University of Florence – 2005/2008 / Corresponding to BA degree level. Joint Honours 100/100
- Art and Graphic Designer High School – 2003/2005 / Corresponding to A level. Joint Honours 100/100


– High-velocity Decision Making
– Inclusive Hiring certificate
– Culture of Inclusion and Accessibility

Initiatives and awards:

– I won first prize for the Amazon Hackathon 2021 by creating internal HeatMaps software.
– I created a custom component library for use by multiple worldwide teams across Amazon Web Services
– Feedback analysis initiative and bespoke process
– I ran the storytelling mentorship program at Amazon
– I ran a data visualization – show and tell across multiple worldwide teams across Amazon