Financial Services HSBC – VISA – MasterCard

Digital Concierge App

Creating a web application that grows with its customers, replacing an outmoded system.

I worked for a leading global concierge company which offers premium experiences for millions of customers of the world’s leading financial institutions. They wanted to reduce the number of calls made by their  ‘Lifestyle Managers’ and increase the number of active users on their digital platform.

The concierge digital platform (as it was first conceived) couldn’t provide the same trusted service as Lifestyle Managers working over the phone. The previous platform data dashboard shows the drop off in the booking summary or checkout page.

I ran interviews with focus groups to understand the context and their needs, and then I conducted user testing on the existing platform. I mapped opportunities of what customers wanted from a concierge service, and the pain points from the testing.



The platform should be able to do anything a Lifestyle Manager could, anytime, anywhere. It should be able to replace the previous model – where the user has to speak to a Lifestyle Manager – with a platform, thus creating more customer interactions.



In the Chat experience, the content is adjusted to the questioner’s needs. We want to direct the customer to make their best choice, based on personalised suggestions. In the Talk experience, customers can choose their trusted Lifestyle Manager. In the Discovery experience customers can get inspired, see up-coming events and they can re-book restaurants and hotels.