Ten Maid

Ten Maid – Improving an existing product


The challenge:

Ten Group wanted to improve its bespoke job ticketing system, called Ten Maid, and release a brand new version, including a new user-friendly interface. They wanted to remove all features that aren’t used or needed, improve members’ experience, increase efficiency, prevent errors and bring Ten Maid up to date with the latest technology.

Ten Maid is not fit for purpose; it has been built in a language that is no longer supported by Microsoft, in a way that has led to instability and poor performance.


UX Research & Analysis

Define the audience:

Lifestyle Managers: Ten Maid allowed Lifestyle Managers (LMS) to organise their jobs, their targets are created and close as many requests as possible.

Account Managers: Ten Maid allowed Account Managers to make data reports, and helps them make new business decisions.

Financial Team: Ten Maid allowed the Finance department to invoice clients and corporate schemes.


User context and needs – When and Where:

Ten Maid is part of a big ecosystem. It works with email templates, inventory tools and research engines. It also shares clients’ scheme and corporate information. Lifestyle managers use Ten Maid globally, in 20 countries. It’s translated into 11 different languages.


Ecosystem Journey:



Hardware considerations:



– Improve the member experience.

– Ensure Lifestyle Managers are equipped with the best tools for the job

– Make Ten Maid a fundamental part of winning new business


User Questions:

Research Questions

Identify the problems:

– Usability and flow issues-

–  Member identification

– Search functionality

– Sharing knowledge

– Exporting data

– Software issues

Artboard Copy 3



We created a mind map to better visualise the research insights gathered so far -from interviews, shadowing, competitor research, maps and UX principles.


Usage Vs Complexity


With the results, we have been able to pinpoint the areas of the website that, if improved, would make a huge difference in speed for LMs.




The first point to take into consideration is optimising user flows:

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 17.43.57

Adding speed to power users and make it easy to learn from new users:

–  Test and implement a faster way for experienced LMs to make their way through the current Ten Maid.

– Since our LMs are trained, we can use and optimise the training sessions to explain the new features of Ten Maid.

– Create shortcuts that are standard, widely recognised and clear to learn


Optimising frequent flows:

– This involves surfacing CTAs (connected with the flow)

– de-cluttering the screens from less frequent or useless CTAs

– create differentiation between primary actions (most frequent/important and less frequent or useless) [analyse the screens and highlight the two categories]

– create a hierarchy between primary and secondary button


Current LM Flow:

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 18.00.51


New LM flow:


Member identification pop up is the first component we attacked:

The pop up appearing on the screen anytime a Lifestyle Manager receives a call from a member. We make sure that design decisions are streamlined to reflect user priorities and help them accomplish key tasks.

Increase efficiency:

– Reduce unnecessary information.

– Drive users attention to their key functionality and content. In this case, check identification details and create a new brief.

– Increase the quality of the content and the quality of the interaction design. When the user hovers the latest request can immediately send a confirmation/cancellation email or follow up the user with a new study.

– Add shortcuts to speed up flows.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 18.00.14

Home Page:

– Reduce the number of boxes and make one search field that filters through names, brief and description.

– Categorise the results. This is to allow a faster scan from the LM.

– Improve readability

– Use of chips to help users narrowing down their search

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 18.00.23

Create a new brief. (This is the most used page.) LMs use this page to create jobs on Ten Maid- Relocate information:

– Relocate information

– Improve labels and titles

– Reduce information and improve interface usability

– Add a member snapshot sidebar, for gathering useful information during the creation of a brief

– Add functionalities such as sending emails to members or checking grammar

– Speed up LMs by reducing a long drop-down list


Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 18.00.32




We are prioritising the features in the roadmap because these are the fundamental tools that allow LMs to do their jobs well.

This tool will equip Lifestyle Managers to provide a trusted and efficient service and improve the member experience.

Ten Maid is a fundamental part of winning the concierge business.