The content editor system

Designed for editors, focussed on content.

I created a new content editor system, that needed to work for content published to over 300 websites, in over 20 languages, in 20 different countries around the world.The goal was to increase the productivity of editors, increase the number of articles and visualisations published, and reduce operational cost.


I started with a stakeholders workshop to understand the audience, the goals, the current state of play, the users and the business requirements. I conducted user interviews and observation sessions to collect information on users’ pain points and the functionality they wanted.


I created a chart to analyse the user flow, validate designs with users, and create a roadmap of which features to build. I created some general questions by focusing on three areas: company, users and competence, considering all modules.


I provided analysis and solutions like optimising frequent flows, resolving multiple currency and time-zone issues, reducing drop-down lists, error prevention and user control, creating a new categorization and tag system, and including new features like getting started, notifications, dashboards, snapshots to facilitate users tasks.

In addition to the general improvements and positive satisfaction, we sped up our users and increased their productivity worldwide by more than 28%.