I plan, design and drive large scale digital products.

I like to design, run, and evaluate creative, ideation, and collaborative workshops – to find common points, solve tricky problems, or define ways of working together.

I like design sprints which give early feedback.

The key value in a design sprint is the vast potential for idea generation and exploration, to the point of exhaustion. By opening up all possibilities, to include the fantastical, you ended up expanding the possible. 

I build rapid prototypes. 

Getting in front of users fast is key. Sometimes what you say is not what you do. The data collected during daily activities provides truthful information that helps you make the right decision.

The UX milestones I follow:

  • Kick-off: Analyse customer and business requirements. Align existing resources and KPIs between the product team and UX team at the start of a new project.

  • Deep dive: Discovery phase – understand customers’ pain points, competitors, map user journeys, create emphatic maps etc. to deep dive into the customers’ needs.

  • Ideate: Sketch solutions, decide on the best.

  • Validate: Prototype the final experience and test multiple scenarios with customers. Iterate and improve.

  • Sign – off: Get the final solution approved with the product stakeholders. The solution is now supported by data.

  • Developer support: Finalise the functional document and edge cases.

  • Fit and finish: This milestone is meant to assess the implemented features in its near-final form, for overall ‘pixel-perfect’ quality and consistency with the design system. 

  • Publish beta: Analyse customers’ feedback after launching the beta version, and track metrics.

  • Learn and improve: Communicate next steps and share the new proposals.