I’ve helped to plan, design and lead many new and exciting products.

I have worked with inspiring people and amazing designers solving different levels of problems and creating great products.


The process that I like, always starts with a plan. A clear and concise user experience strategy makes a huge difference to the quality of the final product.

The first thing in a design process is to understand the audience and its context. Reading data will give you a better understanding of the user flow.

At Ten group I went through 1000 recorded calls to understand member requests and needs. When and how people use a premium service in every part of the world. HSBC connects premium members globally, especially in London and Hong Kong. It’s here that I discovered how concierge services require a completely different approach in different territories. For example, in Hong Kong exclusive dining or entertainment experiences are available for almost everyone. You can easily walk into a Michelin-star restaurant on your way home. In London, on the other hand, a table reservation is always necessary.

With the TIM team, I spent a week doing competitor and heuristic analysis to prepare the launching of the new CMS. I researched editorial trends and multiple aspects of publications, from short form articles to long reads, sharing thoughts and sitting together with designers and editors to explore multiple possibilities and discover all the parameters of the problem. We listed every single idea and gave everyone the ability to talk and explain themselves.


Finalising a map or prioritising an idea can be a long process. You have to be sure it won’t break,. so trying to think about multiple scenarios until you are happy with it is crucial.I like to use my front-end skills to create quick high fidelity prototypes. I code in HTML, SASS and Javascript. I have also experience with frameworks like Middleman and Angular. This helps the idea to take shape idea takes shape. It’s now a prototype and can be exposed to every criticism.

Measure the success:

Track your components, compare new and old metrics, create new ones, run a survey. Find a way to understand new trends, new digital transformations, and make new improvements in users’ lives.